Piping Systems

Edmeston provides you with the utmost quality of sulphuric acid piping. SX piping systems eliminate all the disadvantages of traditional materials, such as cast iron, and offer numerous benefits compared to other alloys.

Features of SX Piping systems

  • Welded system with minimum number of flanges
  • Extremely low corrosion rate
  • Good weldability
  • No sensitivity to erosion or increased acid velocities
  • High ductility
  • Low weight
  • Availability
  • Highest quality assured through extensive quality control and NDT of all items

Benefits of SX Piping systems

  • No leaks and maximum safety with minimum number of flanged connections
  • Minimum maintenance, weld repair possible
  • Low installation cost, short installation time
  • Flexibility in design and installation
  • Small diameter
  • High ductility - minimized risk for brittle failure
  • Availability - no need for inventory of spare parts

The SX piping system has set a new standard for sulphuric acid piping and a complete Piping Class suitable for sulphuric acid plants has been developed by Edmeston.

The SX Piping Class standard is based on requirements in ISO or ASME standard and covers a size range from DN 25 (1") to DN 600 (24").

All necessary parts for a complete sulphuric acid piping system are kept in stock for immediate delivery or for prefabrication.

Larger dimensions and other special parts are manufactured according to customer needs.

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